Next-gen Console For Web 3

The World's First Web 3.0 Gaming Console

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Packed with cutting-edge features

The Mirror Image One is a Gaming Console on the Cloud powered by high performing Nvidia GPUs

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Play Any Game

Play Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, or Steam games by logging into your player account.

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High Performing GPUs

Access Nvidia's GPUs to enhance your experience.

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Web3 Private Search Engine & Browser

Powered by Plato AI. Plato's search engine and private view lets you re-take control of your online privacy.

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.W3 or .ETH Gamertags

Securely chat with friends, send or receive payments, and explore DeFi Applications.

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Secure Or Monetize Your Data

Lock your data in our secured cloud database or monetize when corporations lease your data.

Earn Rewards

Get rewarded for playing games, visiting metaverses, developing programs, learning about Web 3.0, and completing missions.

Complete Daily Missions & Earn Rewards

Earn SELF Coins for completing missions.

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Daily Missions

Our Missions will be given based on your gameplay and activity on the console.

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In-Game Currency Meets Utility Token

Use your rewards in our marketplace or transfer them to your wallet to use in Decentralized Apps

Missions Tab
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A Virtual PC With Built-in encryption and security

Stream your own virtual pc on any device.

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Securely Stream Your Virtual PC

Access your own Windows PC on the cloud. Each PC is secured by our built-in security features.

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Packed With The Best 3D Programs

We want to see Web 3.0 thrive, so we included some of the best 3D programs like Reallusion Products, Blender, Marvelous Designer, Marmoset, and more.

PRE-ORDER Today & Receive Your .W3 Domain Name

How to get started

Only 3 simple steps to get started.



Once you complete your order, you will
be provided with a code to claim your 

Web 3.0 Gamertag


After you claim your .W3 Gamertag, you can create your avatar on our website or work with customer service via email. You can be yourself or your favorite PFP NFT as your Avatar.

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Lastly, join our discord channel to stay up to date on our launch, be the first know about our tournaments, receive access to our exclusive beta, and engage with the community.

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