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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mirror Image One Console a computer or gaming console?

The Mirror Image One is a combination of both. Allowing players to access a Windows PC in the cloud, play games, and earn rewards.

How does the SELF Coin Work?

Our SELF Coin is a utility token that powers our virtual pc infrastructure. SELF Coins are rewarded as in-game currency to each player for completing missions.

Can I transfer my SELF Coins to my wallet?

Yes! you can transfer SELF Coins to your wallet depending on which Gamertag you have. If you have a .W3 Gamertag then you will be able to transfer your tokens to an XDC wallet (Wallet on the XDC Blockchain) and if you have a .ETH Gamertag you can transfer it to an Ethereum based wallet.

How do monthly subscriptions work?

Our monthly subscriptions are charged based on the level of GPUs you would like to access. Each monthly plan is charged in SELF Coins allowing you to use a portion of your rewards for access.