Your own Windows PC on the Cloud

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Playing Games

Earn rewards for playing your favorite games from any console by simply logging into your player account.

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Learning About Web 3.0

Get rewarded for learning about Web 3.0 with our select partners. We scout the best industry experts to teach you about Web 3.0 and its new technology.

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Developing Web 3.0 Applications

Earn rewards for developing
programs for Web 3.0. For
example, developing metaverses,
Dapp, marketplaces, blockchains, 
and more.

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Secured Access

Access your Virtual PC anywhere by logging in through our website or connecting your wallet.

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Encrypted Web Browsing

Each Virtual PC comes with our native browser Plato.ai

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Decentralized Gamertags

Choose between a .W3 or .ETH Gamertag. Our .W3 Gamertags are on the XDC Blockchain and our .ETH are on Ethereum

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Perfect for gamers

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Nvidia Tesla M60

Play Games, Visit Metaverses, and other 3D Programs

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8 NVIDIA Ampere A100 80GB Tensor Core GPUs

Perfect for developers looking to development programs for Web 3.0